Dropship Nemesis Now & Alchemy Gothic


Dark Nemesis Dropshipping was established in 2008 as the UK’s first major Dropshipper of Nemesis Now. We seen a gap in the market for dropshipping Nemesis Now! Which includes dropshipping Nemesis Now Dragons, Fairies, Gothic, Horror and Fantasy Figurines and gifts.   We reached a point were we expanded into other ranges rather than just giving our customers the opportunity to Dropship Nemesis Now we gave you more options to our ranges such as dropshipping Alchemy Gothic.  The business has since been re-branded to become Gothic Dropshipping as the new business name better explains what we do.


We’re still the UK’s No1 Dropshipper of Nemesis Now, and no other dropshipper holds the range of Nemesis Now in stock that we do (irrelevant of what lies or claims they may make about stock levels) nor does any other dropshipper have our experience both with the gothic industry and dropshipping gothic items. We ran a traditional “bricks & mortar” gothic shop for over 7 years and had an online retail prescence for over 3 before moving into dropshipping. We like our products, we are into our products, it’s not just a business to us.


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